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Officers accused of bending guidelines on sex sting arrests

Chris Hansen hosts the To Catch a Predator segment on Dateline NBC in this photo. (Picture: NBC)

Judd keeps that the documents are exempt from state open-records rules because most of the guys are nevertheless under research since they might surface in the future stings. But, that reaction shows that Judd along with other law-enforcement leaders who've utilized the exemption that is same withhold required documents have actually investigations start on hundreds, possibly thousands, of males whom legitimately communicated with adults on appropriate sites.

Judd additionally revealed concern that is little due procedure throughout a Tuesday press seminar to tout arrests since March in predator-style stings. He pointed to 132 mugshots for a huge posterboard and called the males "sexual predators."

A few of the guys curently have been cleared of fees, he called them reasonable game

"we now have a extremely liberal — a very forgiving — criminal justice system," Judd stated.

The other victims of sheriffs' stings

Guys whom victimize kids or search for underage victims online can't be excused.

But, it is simpler to make a full instance for men embroiled in stings if they had been in search of grownups online.

“He had a life of vow. He previously an training. That is all been shot.”

Mom of 22-year-old arrested whom thought he had been speaking with a grown-up

"(My son) ended up being stalked for legal reasons enforcement for three days," stated the caretaker of the 22-year-old arrested in just one of the stings whom asked not to ever be identified due to the stigma that the arrest has had.