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Ashley Madison drip could impact multitude of European users

Canadian police say suicides could be for this Ashley Madison hack. The leaked data suggests hundreds of thousands of Europeans might be implicated too while most potential affected users come from North America.

In April, eying a flotation of Ashley Madison's moms and dad business regarding the London stock market, its chief that is canadian executive concerning the infidelity web site's increasing appeal in European countries.

"In difficult financial times we now havenot just been a business that is recession-proof we have been a recession-growth company," Noel Biderman told Newsweek.

Based on Biderman, Ashley Madison's individual base had been strongest in Spain with 1.3 million Spaniards having opted in the last 5 years, followed closely by Britain with 1.1 million users that are registered. The site claimed to have between 600,000 and 700,000 users each in Italy, Germany and France.

Numerous European users

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Biderman's figures appear to match broadly using the released information, Juan Alonso, chief technologist at Spanish IT firm Tecnilogica whom produced a favorite anonymized worldwide map of Ashley Madison users told DW by email: "Yes, the figures appear proper."